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PFD etc. in separate window but without bar at the top

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Dear Heinz,


I often prefer to enlarge e. g. the PFD.


In an earlier version of ff A320 I did this by a doubleclick in the PFD. A second window occured. Similar to the window in the left lower corner (s. pic.). Nowadays there is a bar at the top of the window (showing a red button and the name "display unit 1"). Closing this window with a doubleclick in it doesn't work anymore. I can only close it by clicking on the red button.


Is there a way to get the old windowtype back again without bar at the top?


Thanks in regards




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Hello bee2fly,


as I know there is no way to get the old version back... 

This new PFD Window is because you now can move it out of the X-Plane 11 Window if you have a second monitor.

Click on the right side of the PFD Popup window (the grey squares) and then you get a standard-Windows Window and now you can move it to a second monitor for example....


Greets Heinz

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