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Graphics Management During ILS Approaches

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I'd like to know if anyone has good ideas for managing the display of the PFD during ILS approaches in a way that allows the aircraft to be flown precisely during approaches.


The issue is this.  When flying the last few miles of an ILS approach I find that, even though I follow the FD as accurately as I can, it seems that even with the box centered on the cross-hairs I always find that in the last mile I'm not completely aligned with the runway. (I'm not complaining about the sim.  I know that ILS accuracy becomes a problem in the real-world when you're close in.).  I can expand the PFD pop-up to get better precision in the steering commands, but that occludes the view forward.  If I use a smaller PFD size, it gets tough to follow the steering commands accurately. 


I've found that using a HUD (e.g., the CRJ or PMDG 737) makes it much easier the follow the localizer/glidepath.  The HUD steering cues seem better able to communicate fine adjustments to the pilot.


I'm just curious to know if others have thoughts on this.  The Aerosoft Airbus professional series is outstanding, so please don;t interpret this as criticism of the aircraft.  It just a question about technique in using the sim.


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