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Geneva Ortho4XP and SAM issue

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Hi All,


I bought the new Geneva add-on for x-plane. I use Ortho4XP, so I rebuilt the tile using the included patch.

Despite this, I have the following issues:

1. The area of gates 1 and 2 is sloped. Going to one of these gates, we clearly see that we are going down.

2. The area near the cargo apron shows "stairs" and is not flat. also, the taxiway alpha going to runway 22 is bended.

These points do not exist if I use the included mesh.


Also, SAM is wrongly configured and ask the plane to stop way too close of the terminal building (on all gates), having the jetway almost parallel to the building... I'm using the FF A320 exclusively, so not sure if this is with all planes.


Is there any solution for this?


Thanks a lot,


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