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Mathijs Kok

OnAir Christmas event

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Santa has a problem....  a big problem. Normally he uses a local transporter to get all present from his warehouses at Rovaniemi

(that's in Finland btw) but somehow things were utterly messed up and there are thousands upon thousands of packages that have

not been shipped. After swearing a but and muttering how hard it is to get good help these days, Santa decided to ask the OnAir

pilots for help.


There is a lot of additional money and Experience points to be made if you fly to Rovaniemi Airport (EFRO) and start transporting

presents to other cities. We advise you to rent the biggest aircraft you can handle because if you ever want to expand your airline,

this is the moment to do so! Of course it being in the North of Finland and it being winter this is not as easy as it may sound. 


If you do not know onAir you can check it out for free for two weeks, see here:




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