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Throttle Display

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Yesterday I went into a A floor and wasn't able to get out of it.   Today I'm flying up to KATL and the SB flight plan calls for FL400.    As I climbed to 40K the plane was very stable and the speed indicator was solid centered on the purple triangle.  Now I'm level at 40K and I got this situation as shown in the screen shot.   I can't come up with a reason why the purple triangle is now below the actual speed and why the speed indicator is in the red area?  The Nav display just doesn't look right


Not shown is the flashing LVR Climb in white,  but the throttles are in the CB detent.


If this is the correct display just let me know.



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I was able to land the plane, but like yesterday something happened to the sim and it not did work as it was supposed to.  


After completing all the ground checklists and the at least the after takeoff checklist,  the start decent checklist did not come on (the message on the top did not appear either).


 I initiated the decent as I normally would in the FMC but there was no control over speed or maintaining the plane on the glide slope.  Basically I controlled the decent and deployed the speed brakes and retarded the throttle to maintain proper altitude from waypoint to waypoint.  I never heard from the crew at all on the way down and basically manually landed the plane.   It did fly the localizer in,  but even though I was below the glide slope,  when it intercepted the slope it did not control the plane to decend along the glide slope.


At least for me there has been maintaining control issues on both flights while on auto pilot,  very different behavior than the A320 which was pretty rock solid.   I don't think this is at all pilot error, because your not interacting with the plane at this point.   It's just flying along on auto.   Idk how much confidence I have right now to try another one.


I like the visual on the A320 throttle much more than the A330.   On the A320 it was very easy to see the detent for Clb vrs this one. 

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