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ECAM display pop up and ground power


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Hi, some time ago i discovered that combination of "Shift + 7" and "Shift + 8" pops up ECAM displays upper and lower. Take a look on this thread:

Something has changed. I start batteries, ground power and airplane is well powered. Then i press "Shift + 7" combination,  ECAM display pops up (that is fine), but the ground power goes off and connected to it airplane systems. This happens only once when i first time in new flight use "Shift + 7" combination. Second and every next use of "Shift + 7" brings only ECAM display as expected. 

I know, that "Shift +7" and "Shift + 8" are not official but i found that first use of "Shift + 7" combination on my system also disconnects ground power. Regards.

Can someone confirm this? Regards.

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