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Captain Moose

Preventing Addons from loading & prioritization

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Hi there;

I use SIMstarter NG (latest version) extensively and I often have problems with the right scenery being loaded correctly.  All my scenery are based on Addon.xml files, not the typical scenery areas, and depending on the route I am flying I would like few addons to be loaded into P3D, not just disabled.  this tremendously helps load time and avoids potential P3D package load conflicts.  Currently, SIMstarter allows you to only disable the addons from the Addons Configuration Manager, but they will still load into P3D as apparent in the AddOns window; and I am constantly running into issues with addon priorities and default or ORBX scenery appearing over the 3rd party addons I want loaded.


In short:

1- Is there a way to prevent addons from even loading into P3D?

2- Is there a way to prioritize addons? 


I tried the Move Scenery option in the Scenery Configuration Manager but since its for scenery.cfg not addon.xmls, priorities are unpredictable at best.  I even tried the Lorby tool but Layer changes are overwritten by SIMstarter when running a profile.




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Hi Mustafa,


in general SIMstarter NG Add-On Manager should be able to "disable" the selected Add-on.xml files.

You need to assign the correct Add-On.xml ConfigSet > Run the profile > and they should be disabled.


If not, please post a DebugPack and let me know which Profile you've startet, which add-on should be disabled and the ConfigSet.



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