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  1. I am wondering if there's a capability in SIMStarter to run a task after the sim is closed (shutdown). utLive2 always place the add-on.xml in the P3D5 Addons folder and I have a separate folder for addons. This creates a conflict where P3D confuses utlive2 as a new addon, so I have to always delete the folder from P3D5 Addons folder as utlive2 recreates it each time the sim starts. I want to have SIMStarter delete the folder after the sim closes, is there such a function? Thanks Mustafa
  2. As I understand Berlin Brandenburg is P3D5 compatible now, but I wasn't able to get the updated installer from FSPS Store, where I purchased it. Does anyone knows how I can get the updated installer.? I contacted FSPS Store support multiple times over the past few weeks but no response, horrible support, I'm never buying another product from these guys! Thanks, Mustafa
  3. This is awesome. I remember seeing this when I upgraded to SIMStarter v2 and I remember selecting the "Remeber platform...", how can I disable it now so I am always prompted. I have both versions of P3D 4.5 and 5 running on my pc now. Thanks for the quick response. M
  4. It is possible to run both P3D v4.5 and v5.0 on the same computer, with that in mind, is it possible to run SIMStarter NG P3D for both versions? It would be great if there is a way to launch SIMStarter for P3D v4.5 and have all the 4.5 settings and configs, and be able to do run it again selecting v5 settings and have it load 5.0 settings and configs on the same computer but separate. Similar to the way SIMStarter asks about the P3D version at install time can be done each time it starts and loading the P3D settings and configs for that versions. M
  5. Hey Devnicoll; I am having a very similar challenge and I just posted about it before seeing your post. I hope Support addresses either of our concerns soon. Let me know if you find an answer and I will do the same. Cheers, Mustafa
  6. Hi there; I use SIMstarter NG (latest version) extensively and I often have problems with the right scenery being loaded correctly. All my scenery are based on Addon.xml files, not the typical scenery areas, and depending on the route I am flying I would like few addons to be loaded into P3D, not just disabled. this tremendously helps load time and avoids potential P3D package load conflicts. Currently, SIMstarter allows you to only disable the addons from the Addons Configuration Manager, but they will still load into P3D as apparent in the AddOns window; and I am constantly running i
  7. [[RESOLVED]] Ok, I figured it out. Apparently, I set the wrong configuration when the Livery Manager ran the first time which is recorded in the Livery Manager livman.ini. I guess it looks for the SimObjects folder where the Aerosoft Airbus was installed and it suggests on the first run the FSX folder, which is fine for the normal FSX, but for FSX-SE addons installed through Steam the SimObjects folder is installed under FSX\DLC\500201. Once I updated the livman.ini everything worked fine. I hope this helps other people that install Aerosoft Aribus from the Steam client.
  8. The texture.cfg file that installs with this livery looks like this: [fltsim] fallback.1=..\..\Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base\Texture_Fallback_VC fallback.2=..\..\Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base\Texture_Fallback_A320 fallback.3=..\..\..\..\Scenery\Global\texture fallback.4=..\..\..\..\..\..\Scenery\Global\texture I edited it as follows. Note that there is no location in FSX-SE that translate to what is stated in fallback.4 [fltsim] fallback.1=..\..\..\..\DLC\500201\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base\Texture_Fallback_VC fallback.2=..\..\..\..\DLC\500
  9. Hey Tom;I went through the post and tired some recommendations. I also uninstalled the Addon completely including the livery manager and installed it back again in Steam (which is running as administrator as well), recycled FSX-SE. Then I installed the Livery Manager ran it as administrator and had the same problem after installing a livery. Would you send me one livery you know for sure works to isolate the problem further? Also, for some reason the texture.zip file in the thread is downloading to zero bytes (empty). Am I the only one experiencing this?
  10. Unfortunately that was not it. I uninstalled one of the Liveries and reinstalled it again from the Livery Manager running as administrator then started FSX and it is still not there. All the Livery files are under the FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes/Aerosoft Airbus A320 CFM/ (in this case it is the Holgers' [A320 NEO CFM EGYPTAIR SU-NEO]. Thanks Tom... M
  11. Hi there; Just installed Aerosoft Airbus A320/321 from Steam store on my FSX-SE. The base models show fine in FSX but none of the liveries I downloaded from Aerosoft are showing. All were installed using the Livery Manager and I have the "Show Variations" checkbox in FSX checked. I installed them while FSX wasn't running and restarted my PC but still liveries "no show". I've attached the aircraft.cfg file from the "Aerosoft Airbus A320 CFM" where most of the liveries are installed. Thank you, M aircraft.cfg
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