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Making own pushback voices

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The Aerosoft pushback is very usable if you don't have a GSX. Little help for the toe brakes (left or right), and it's fine...


Just making my own voice over pushback


Files what I enchanced



files to enchanced.JPG

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Hello everyone!


Here is my full pushback voices video. 


I don't use voice checklists at all! I fly my flights into Ivao or Vatsim network. (this is only for the Aerosoft A32S  pushback). (MAKE YOUR BACK UP BEFORE OVERRIDE ANY FILES)


There is some "empty" audio files too...


See picture above.

1. ...ENG1Run.wav (empty file)

2. ...PF_ATCRecive.wav (my voice)

3. ... ENG2Run.wav (empty file)

4. ... PF_FDtoGnd.wav (my voice)

5. ...PF_Ok.wav (my voice)

6. ... PF_ParkBrakeRel.wav (my voice)

7. ... PF_ParkBrakeSet.wav (my voice)

8. ... PF_StartPush.wav (my voice)

9. ... PnF_StartEng1.wav (empty file)

10. ... PnF_StartEng2wav (empty file)


Here is the full video...






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