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Audio Panel - Simulation

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Hello guys!


I have flied many aircraft on many simulators and real life.

Absolutly love the Airbus Pro, but i think it have very much more to give!


Is there any plans to start simulating the audio panel?

I do not mean to simulate all the functions, but to simulate the button to be ¨press-able¨.

It feels very unrealistic to look at the auto panel, and can not press 60-70% of the buttons there.


To increase realism, start to enable to press every button, and then in the future make them work!


But to be honest, its the feeling that counts.


Best Regards

Alexander Skopac


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To be honest, I don't really see the sense in wasting performance by simulating buttons which don't do anything in the end.


Did you know that on a system is just down to the minimum requirements every single one of those buttons could cost 0.5fps? Imagine what would happen if we added some 10 new buttons!

From 18 to 13 fps is a huuuuuge difference!

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Okey, then i have it explained,

Thanks for info.

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