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Andreas Janssen

ATR 72-500 McPhatt Issue with Condition Levers

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I'm just a rookie flying planes with X-Plane10. I have a problem with starting the engine at the ATR 72-500 from McPhatt (bought last week from the aerosoft shop).

When I make the startup at "cold & dark" for the atr 72-500 I can't move the condition lever for engine 1 by mouse-click oder keyboard command. The CL

won't move in any direction. There is no problem with the CL for engine 2. I can move this one by mouse-click or keyboard-command. I repeat the startup

checklist for the atr 72-500 very often; but I can't move the CL-Lever for engine1. is this a bug at the plane?


It is curious that I have also the same problem with the standard KingAir C90b (delivered by X-Plane10). Same issue: CL for engine1 don't move;

no problem for the CL for engine 2.


That looks like a bug in X-Plane for me. Can I change the properties oder preference in the starting files for x-plane or the planes? Or can I use the

Data-Ref-Editor to solve this problem?



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problem is solved! image.png.09283581185c331500b2ae032d8a372b.png


This morning I re-install X-Plane 10. Therefore I clean up also the registry of Windows. After starting a new and fresh X-Plane 10 everything is ok now.

The Conditions-Levers at the King-Air (Standard) and my ATR 72-500 (Aerosoft) works fine now. I can move them by mouse-click, joystick or keyboard.


I assume that something in X-Plane get wrong when I try to optimize the files. Maybe there was a plugin for the joystick which send the error.

So I will be very carefully at install any plugins in the future.


Andreas Janssen

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