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  1. Post kann wieder geschlosen werden Ich habe einen Post mit der Fehlerursache eingestellt
  2. PROBELM SOLVED Today I found the reason for my problem of the non-functioning throttle by joystick or mouse at Friedrichshafen airport. After having the same problem again today with my new airport Alta/Norway, which i bought today, I took a closer look at all the settings in MSFS 2020. Then I finally found the solution: The cause was a setting in MSFS2020 itself. My setting at Options/Assistance/Piloting was 'EASY'. This setting blocks the throttle function. However, if I change this setting to 'MEDIUM' or 'HARD', the throttle function works without any problems. All inputs are accepted by the joystick or mouse. Everything then works as desired. I do not know why; but I have sent this information to Aerosoft as the supplier. PROBLEM GELÖST Heute habe ich den Grund für mein Problem des nicht funktionierenden Gashebels (Throttle) durch Joystick oder Maus am Flughafen Friedrichshafen gefunden. Nachdem ich heute das gleiche Problem auch wieder mit meinem heute gekauften neuen Flughafen Alta/Norwegen hatte, habe ich mir nochmal alle Einstellungen in MSFS 2020 genauer angeschaut. Dann fand ich endlich die Lösung: Die Ursache war eine Einstellung in MSFS2020 selber. Meine Einstellung bei Optionen/Unterstützung/Pilotensteuerung war 'EINFACH'. Mit dieser Einstellung wird die Gashebel-Funktion blockiert. Wenn ich diese Einstellung aber in ‚MITTEL‘ oder ‚SCHWER‘ ändere, funktioniert die Gashebel-Funktion ohne Probleme. Alle Eingaben werden vom Joystick oder der Maus angenommen. Es funktioniert dann alles wie gewünscht. Ich weiß auch nicht, warum das so ist; diese Informationen habe ich aber mal Aerosoft als Lieferanten zukommen lassen.
  3. can you please close this post. problem not solved, but i make a agreement with aerosoft.
  4. So next trial faild. However, the error did occur again. I did the following The version downloaded from your shop (1.00) on my computer deleted A new download is launched from your shop. Have seen that there is a new version: This time it was version 1.01 With the registration editor (regedit) all entries with the text "friedrichshafen" deleted from my computer Reinstalled the new variant 1.01 with adminstrator rights MSFS 2020 restarted (no addons enabled) Same error as always: Throttle commands are not accepted (joystick or mouse) Flight mode changed from MODERN to CLASSIC Error persists Tried other aircraft in EDNY Friedrichshafen; Errors persist; no matter which aircraft At any other airport, throttle acceptance works without any problems also everything is ok, when i use the edny airport originaly from msfs 2020: here the throttle works without any problems Now I'm at the end of my Latin. I buy quite a lot of sceneries from the aerosoft shop (formerly XP11, now MSFS), but I've never had anything like it before. It is and remains a mystery.
  5. Hello Mathijs, yes, i saw that yesterday evening. so i remove, as your support recommended me in an email, the old version 1.00 and download the 1.01. all actions are done as an adminstrator. but i have still the same problems. and yes, normally it is unpossible that a scenery change the configuration of an airplane. but still it is. only at friedrichshafen and for all planes the throttle doesn't work. all other airports are very fine. i assume that the problem is on my pc in a deep layer. i had a free addon for friedrichshafen (still removed for solving problems). but maybe there are "rest" files in the system. so, i will do a deep dive into the system to find maybe the reason for that.
  6. Yesterday I bought the Airport Friedrichshafen (AS15327) as a DL from aerosoft shop. However, there is a problem with the throttle. No matter which aircraft I use at this airport, the throttle is not accepted. As hardware I have the Thrustmaster TCA Quadrant (Joystick). I can take off a flight normally on the runway. Landing flaps, brakes, etc. can be operated via the TCA quadrant. But when I give a boost on the throttle, the performance only goes up briefly and then falls off again. Even if I try to control the thrust by mouse by moving the throttle lever, it can be set to full. However, automatically returns to 0(zero). What I've tested so far: Tried out various aircraft for Friedrichshafen, e.B. Cessna, Pipistrel, etc. All control movements are displayed in the settings of the MSFS; also for Throttle all other control commands are accepted when I start in Friedrichshafen At other airports, e.B. EDER Wasserkuppe, also bought yesterday, the throttle works All addons, e.g. for lake Bodensee, deactivated Did anyone had the same problem or reconigze that issue too? I would be great get to some support oder little help to this problem
  7. Hallo, hatte ich leider übersehen, das das schon gab. Ich war in einer anderen "Ecke" des Forum unterwegs. Erst nachdem ich meinen Post dort erstellt hatte, habe ich das hier gefunden. Aber dann ist ja gut, das es das schon gibt. Dann habe ich weniger Arbeit 🙂
  8. Ich habe Volume 3 für den Tutorial Flight nun ebenfalls durch WORD ins Deutsche übersetzt. Da ich die CRJ 550/700 erst seit Freitag habe, ist es zunächst nur eine technische Übersetzung. Werde aber jetzt den Tutorial Flug 1:1 durchgehen und damit auch meine deutsche Version so anpassen, das man diese lesen kann. die überschriften und aufzählungen habe ich in englischer sprache belassen. I have translated volume 3 manual about the tutorial flight for crj 550/700 to german. I have used WORD for this. so actuall it's only a technical translation. the topics and the bull-points are still in english .Due i have the crj 550/700 since last friday, i will start the tutorial flight this week. By doing this i will also make correction to my german version of this manual. after in have finished this, i will share the correct document in this forum. for the first time here my technical translation Aerosoft CRJ 550-700 Einführungsflug.pdf
  9. I have translated the tutorial flight manual for the crj 550/700 (shared by Mathijs Kok in this forum) to german language. I use WORD for this work. acutall its only a technical translation. i bougth the crj 550/700 last friday at the aerosoft shop. now I will begin to follow the tutorial flight manual. while doing this i will also make corrections to the german version of this manual. if done, i will shared it as a finished version in this forum. you will find the pdf with the german manual for the tutorial flight in the german section (general discussion).
  10. Ich habe das hier von Mathijs Kok im Forum (englische Seiten) verteilte Dokument zum Tutorial Flight mit der CRJ 550/700 mit WORD in Deutsch übersetzt. Dies ist eine rein technische Übersetzung. Ich habe das Dokument bisher nicht quergelesen und auch keine Korrekturen oder Anpassungen vorgenommen. Da ich die CRJ 550/700 erst seit Freitag besitze, werde ich den Tutorial Flug nun 1:1 durchgehen. Dabei werde ich auch die deutsche Übersetzung des Tutorial Flights korrekturlesen und falls erforderlich anpassen. Die Überschriften der Kapitel und auch die teilweise vorhandenen Aufzählungen habe ich in englischer Sprache belassen, damit man sich im Flugzeug noch zurechtfindet. Aerosoft CRJ 550-700 Einführungsflug.pdf
  11. Hello, i have done a translation for this document (79 pages) in germany by Microsoft Translator in WORD. It's only a technical translation (no manual reworking of the translation; no correction about the spelling) I don't know if is allowed to share the document here.
  12. Erst Lesen - dann schreiben. Problem gelöst. Ich habe gerade den Post mit der Mitteilung gelesen das der Thread MSFS 2020 überarbeitet wird und deswegen nicht verfügbar ist. ====================================== First Read - than react problem solved. I figure out a thread with the announcement that the thread of msfs 2020 is in reconstruction and will be soon avaible
  13. Hallo, ich vermisse seit 3 Tagen die Rubrik für den Microsoft Fligtht Simulator 2020. Ich sehe FSX, Prepar3D und andere Simulatoren. Aber der MSFS 2020 fehlt. Liegt das evtl. an meinem Browser (Firefox) ? ============================================================= Hello, i miss the thread for microsoft flight simulator 2020 since 3 days. I can see FSX, Prepar3D and the other simulators. But the Block/Thread for MSFS 2020 is still missing. Is there something wrong with my browser (firefox)? +,
  14. Hello, yes, you are right. Of course i mean the community folder. the suggestion was to change the path of the UserCFG.opt from C:/ to the requested new path (in my case that was G:/). Must I create additional now a new path at G: like "G:/user/andre/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe/LocalCache/Packes"? In which way the content of C:/User/andre/AppData/Local..... transfer to G:/ ? I must transfer them manually correct? And in future the new incoming addons goes directly to drive G:/ - right?
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