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Jónas Leiti

Atlantic Airways - Aerosoft Airbus

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Hello Holgi.


I'm reaching out to you, because your liverys are those i'm using the most. 


Could it be possible to do the "Atlantic Airways" a319, a320 or a320neo (sharklet) livery?


Atlantic Airways is the national flag carrier of the Faroe Islands and received their first Airbus in 2012, an a319. The airline today owns a a319, a320 and just got a a320neo. In 2021 the airline should own a complete a320neo fleet of four a320neo's.


As of today, there's only been made one good looking Atlantic Airways livery for the aerosoft a319. This livery is already outdated, because Atlantic Airways has edited the small "Faroe Island" text in the rear to a big "FAROE ISLAND" instead.


I'll attach some images for you to understand:)


Looking forward for your answer






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