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PFPX Companyroute to Prosim

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Hi, I have a problem sending a company route from PFPX to Prosim.

In the picture you can see the mistake. Only at P3D the route is sent but not at Prosim.

Funny thing is that I have my Prosim not installed under P3D, but in a separate folder. If I click on save an info comes up that the path can not be opened. In the path prosim but under the Lockheed Martin path! How can that be?
Where does PFPX get this path from ???
Must i creat the prosim path somewhere else?
I have also created a companyroutes.xml in the path you can see under prosim in my pictures. Nevertheless, always the same error message.

Can everybody help me? Thanks




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  • Deputy Sheriffs

I see at least one error: the path under "Document folder" is wrong. It should point to the root folder only, so in your case c:\users\bpfef\Documents.

For the other thing: you installed P3D in the most wrong place. c:\Program Files (x86) is very restricted, so you must run PFPX at least as Administrator.

To avoid future problems, I strongly recommend to uninstall P3D and install it elsewhere like c:\P3D or another drive in case available.

To coorect your Prosim path, click on the Prosim line and then in the menu bar on "Browse" and point it to the correct location.

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