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IFPS help: "The SID limit is exceeded"

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I am a little confused on what this error means. I am assuming there is an issue with the distance between waypoints/VOR but I did choose a SID for departure so I am not sure why this is rejected. Also I am getting messages about Warning Areas despite using a published airway to fly through them.


Here is my filed route: N0320F260 BPK2 BPK UN601 TLA UL613 PIPEM DCT WIK DCT


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Can you post the actual full ATC submission.


The only warning posted is that of IFPS validation, the others are for information

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Assuming destination is Wick.


UK NATS does not publish SID's for Biggin, these are departure routes, not sure why Jeppesen has added them with SID designators.



Submitting in accordance with the departure route:



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Yes Wick is the destination. Thanks for the clarification here.

1 minute ago, sho69607 said:

Yes Wick is the destination. About the Warning Areas, I think I am confusing those with restricted airspace. 


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