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Is this an error in PFPX?

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I have been working on a route from EGBB to FSIA using both PFPX and Navigraph Charts and have come across a discrepancy.

The routing from the Mogadishu FIR/UIR takes me along airway UM651G to ESTOK and from there on UM651 to ANVIX as I have depicted here:




This routing appears to be fine in Navigraph Charts and in Skyvector but PFPX shows a discontinuity between the KATHY and ESTOK waypoints and will therefore not accept the route.

PFPX will only accept the routing if I insert a DCT between KATHY and ESTOK.

Is this an error (or an omission)  in the PFPX database?




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Not a PFPX error Mike.


The problem lies within the NG AIRAC as posted HERE and awaits a resolution.


You can create a workaround adding the missing segments using the waypoints and airways editor, I would add a database for this purpose:






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I should add that this may cause a problem with the route export to your addon where the airways do not exist in data.

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Thanks Stephen,


I manually edited the route that was exported to the a/c so that hopefully is OK. I will be arriving at the waypoints soon so I will see how good my intervention has been. :-)


thanks again.



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