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Daniel Faulkner

PFPX activation on second system

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I've recently upgraded to a new system and wanted to use my old PC for PFPX as well as having it installed on my primary PC. I've gone to activate it on both however, the second PC will say that I have too many active registrations (or something to that effect). It also notes when I put in my serial that I've registered 5 PCs in the last 180 days. 


Since I've only got these 2 systems I was wondering if there was a way to get around this issue.



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You need to get in touch with FlightSimSoft to get the PFPX installation/activation counter reset. You might only have two different computers, but have installed PFPX already several times on the first one, while that system had changed (from a PFPX license perspective) and was therefore counted as new hardware.


You can reach FlightSimSoft here:


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