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I'm having some problems entering new user waypoints, it has allowed me to create a few but then when I try and add others by manually entering all the details it doesn't work. On the left side of the screen where the heading is for where the new user waypoints are being stored I can see that goes up, but under the Waypoints tab it doesn't show the new waypoint I just created.


When I close PFPX (v 2.03) and re-open it the number of user waypoints on the left hand side of the screen then matches the number of waypoints shown at the top of the screen.


The waypoints I'm trying to add are the old Concorde tracks.


PFPX has accepted SM30W, SM40W, SM53W, SM60W, SM65W & SM67W but as an example I cannot add SM20W using the following N50 50.0 W020 00.0 or SM50W as N47 03.0 W050 00.0


I have checked the formats and they seem to be the same as previous waypoints I have created. If I right click on the map and choose to create a waypoint that way it will add it OK, but as soon as I edit it to use the same format as all the others when I click Apply it just then disappears.


Any solutions would be gratefully accepted.





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Not an expert Steve but I don't think you can plan using less than 1/2 degree and that maybe why PFPX will not accept the entry.


This from CAA CAP694:


DEFINE the track of flights operating predominantly in an east-west direction between 70N and 70S by reference to significant points formed by the intersections of half or whole degrees of latitude with meridians spaced at intervals of 10 degrees of longitude. For flights operating in areas outside those latitudes the tracks shall be defined by significant points formed by the intersection of parallels of latitude with meridians normally spaced at 20 degrees of longitude. The distance between significant points shall, as far as possible, not exceed one hour's flying time. Additional significant points shall be established as deemed necessary.For flights operating predominantly in a north-south direction, define tracks by reference to significant points formed by the intersection of whole degrees of longitude with specified parallels of latitude which are spaced at 5 degrees;


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Hi Stephen,


Your supposition sounds like a possible explanation, however, it doesn't seem to work.


For example I can right click on an area of the map and create a waypoint at:


N50 44.2 W020 59.6 no problem at all, but that doesn't confine to the restrictions of CAA CAP694 because it's not spaced accordingly.


I can then edit the Longitude of that saved waypoint to N50 44.2 W020 00.0, no problem it will accept that,


however, if I then change the Latitude to N50 50.0 and try to save that it just disappears, which seems strange as it was happy to have N50 44.2 when I originally created the waypoint.





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