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Odd issue with the GSX2 integration that I have noticed on a couple of flights.  Before takeoff, MCDU3 showed that the aircraft (A321 IAE) was loaded with the correct 176 PAX, although the GW in the lower ECAM was a little lower than it should have been.  After taking off, I decided to look at MCDU3 and sure enough, it was now reporting just 174 PAX loaded (cargo was OK).  I've noticed this happening in other flights where the last PAX or 2 claims to be loaded but does not show up in the GW calculation, though this is the first time I've actually checked the tally mid-flight.  I guess I'll just chalk it up to 2 no-shows!




In the past I've typically just used "Load Instant" which has worked without fail.

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OK, thanks for the information. This is a known issue and still on our to-do-list. The reason is quite simple e.g. the "calcluation" already finishs when GSX states that BOARDING is completed. But the calcuation is not yet finished at that point but needs some more time.




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