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EGCC (Default Scenery) no tarmac runway

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I have always two problems when I fly from EDDK to EGCC(default, no ortho files on the complete route).

1) I only see a gras strip instead of a tarmac runway.

2) When I fly across England I receice every 40 seconds micro-stutters with a breakdown of the fps down to 4-5fps. When I start at EGCC I have a tarmac runway and I reach around 40fps.


My PC specs:

4790K with 4,5GHZ

32GB RAM 2400MHZ

Nvidia 1080ti

Everything is installed on 4tB SSD.


Here are some pictures.


Does anybody have an idea what the reason is?


Best regards





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With your hardware I recommend to set the graphics effects slider to HDR and the texture resolution to maximum with compression, you should get better visuals and I don't expect any performance impact on this machine of yours - but the settings should not cause the missing tarmac.


Are you using any custom mesh in the region? HD Mesh v4 or a mesh shipping with an airport close to EGCC? In any case you have to place 'Global Airports' above any meshes in the Scenery_Packs.ini to avoid messed up airports but I can see some tarmac fragments on your screens so this is possibly not the issue but worth to check. Are you using a ground textures replacement or is your EGCC a custom airport? The textures on your screenshot don't look default to me, possibly there is something wrong with installed addons or libraries are missing/corrupted. 

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