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my navdatapro is not working

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last November when my aerosoft airbus x destroyed itself and lost almost all its files the navdatapro stopped working.  but I have navdatapro and in the dlc page in steamapps/common/fsx/dlc/500201/aerosoft/Airbus_Fallback/NavDataPro folder the nav data files and other stuff is there even the PROC folder, in the cycle.txt it says 1511,15OCT11NOV/15,1510,17SEP14OCT/15 is there any issue with my navdatapro thing I purchased the airbus from the dlc page on steam and it worked fine until November and it still has problems



Kind regards

Jacob Huber

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TBH , looking at all the problems you have, I really suggest to make a fresh install of your PC including Windows.

On 6/8/2019 at 1:46 AM, EZY2334 said:

last November when my aerosoft airbus x destroyed itself

Well, software doesnt destroy itself. Something must have happened.

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