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Berlin Brandenburg: Installation and configuration (BER - SFX)

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I am currently receiving many requests for the installation of EDDB v1.01 and especially for switching from BER to SFX and vice versa.

Therefore here are some hints: (You don't have to do it with the new EDDB (BER) V 1.02+. Here BER is active and not changeable anymore).


After downloading the zip file for Berlin Brandenburg, unzip them and open the folder AS_AIRPORT-BERLIN-BRANDENBURG_V1000_XPLANE.

In it you will find the folder "Custom Scenery" and in it the airport folder "Limesim - EDDB Berlin Brandenburg".

The folder "Limesim - EDDB Berlin Brandenburg" has to be copied into the Custom Scenery directory of the installed X-Plane 11 folder.


Please make sure that the EDDB folder in the scenery_packs.ini is above the folder "Global Airports" which is also in your own Custom Scenery directory.

If you have not deleted scenery_packs.ini, this is the case after starting X-Plane 11.


Then Berlin Brandenburg is once installed.

In the installed folder "Limesim - EDDB Berlin Brandenburg" are among other things 2 further folders "ACTIVATE BER" and "ACTIVATE SXF".

In most cases, SFX is already activated (thus deactivating BER).


To activate BER, proceed as follows:


The installation directory of the airport is "Limesim - EDDB Berlin Brandenburg".

After the first installation is as I said mostly SFX enabled. BER is not yet open there.

If you want to activate BER, open the folder "ACTIVATE BER" (activate BER).

Inside is an "Earth nav data" folder.

Right click on the folder and then select "copy".

Then go back to the "Limesim - EDDB Berlin Brandenburg" directory and click with the right mouse button in an empty area of the folder window and then select "Paste".

Then confirm the message "Replace files in destination".

This activates BER.


If you want to enable SFX again (and disable BER) you do the same with the folder "ACTIVATE SFX".


Greeting Heinz

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