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manchester not adding to aes error

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when i load the aes and try to add manchester onto the aes it comes with this error   as you can see its in the library is there a way to fix this




man 2.PNG

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1, What version of AES?

2. maybe the installed version is not the one expected by AES (older/newer version installed)

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AES Supports beside UK2000 Manchester only Aerosoft Manchester X (By IDS) which is ver. 1.01. How does the activation screen of AES look like?

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are you a aerosoft staff can i give you my order form see below i had to pencil my details out  and the aes it is in red on the screen 




man 3.PNG

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I'm not Aerosoft stuff, but I suggest that you should update to AES 2.45a (download it from the productpage) first if not already done. If this does not help I suggest to open a ticket at support@aerosoft.com

I simply cant test it as i do not have FSX anymore.

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