Reverse. Does not work separately reverse on two axes.

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Excellent model for the simulator, not in vain patiently expected and very happy with the purchase. :- )


There is a small unpleasant moment in the operation of the separate reverse on two axes.

I have on the engine control unit: two axes X, Y Thrust Levers, Rx - Ry-for reverse, and two buttons (turn on when setting the Thrust Levers below the IDLE position).

The X, Y axes are configured on the Thrust Levers and work.


With Fadec=1 and the assignment of one axis to control the thrust, there is no problem with setting the thrust and reverse. The reverse works on F2, the command Prepar3d-Reverse, the commands Fsuipc (when you press the button Throttle Decay, when releasing the button Throttle Cut). The reverse does not work when you try to assign an Rx axis.


At Fadec=2. The X-axis, Y set separately for Throttle1 and Throttle 2. When configured in Prepar3d or FSUIPC, operate normally, the thrust levers are managed separately.

There are problems with the reverse. When you press and hold the F2 - reverse is assigned, but thrust levers twitches and tries to return to IDLE. The same happens if I assign the commands of reverse Prepar3d (Reverse) and FSUIPC to both axes (when pressing the Throttle Decr button, when releasing the Throttle Cut button). The reverse does not work when you try to assign an Rx axis.


Attempts to set up a separate reverse lead to nothing. Separate reverse does not work when configured in Prepar3d ((for Rx - Engine 1 throttle reverse axis, Engine 2 throttle reverse axis). Does not work with separate configure axes and buttons in FSUIPC (axis Rx - Reverse1, Ry - Reverse2) (Button5 buttons - when pressing Throttle Decr1, when you release the Throttle Сut1; Button6 - when pressing Throttle Decr2, when you release the Throttle Сut2). I tried all the settings and calibration options, both in Prepar3D and FSUIPC. When you assign a separate control rod, separate reverse does not work. The reverse remains to work on F2, but the handles twitch and the reverse works on two axes at once.


PS reverse Split on the buttons (button - throttle VHF 1/2, button up-cut throttle 1/2), configured through FSUIPC, works without problems in the aircraft crj-700 and all models PMDG.




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Not sure but is this not a safety function to prevent unbalanced braking?

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That's possible.

But why in case of assignment of one command of a reverse for two axes or use of a reverse on a key F2, the reverse turns on, but thus both levers having reached a maximum of a reverse start to twitch? In this case there is a synchronous application of the reverse.


P.S. I will Try to make a video in the coming days.

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The video was recorded.

I did the configuration only by means of Prepar3d.

When you assign axes to the reverse, the reverse does not work at all. On the F2 button, the reverse starts to work, but the thrust levers vibrates.

After removing the axis of the reverse, turn it on only by pressing F2. All the same, vibrating.


On other models of the simulator there are no similar problems with the reverse. Work with setting in Prepar3d or FSUIPC without complaints.


YouTube video: Reverse. It's not working. Videos for Aerosoft


QIP Shot - Screen 324.jpg

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