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Autogate for Zurich scenery

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Hello guys,

I've bought the Aerosoft Zurich  on steam wich is pretty awsome except for one thing : Autogate.The autogate you have included on the scenery is for limited number of gates. I was wondering if you guys could add the autogate plugin for all the jetways.Thank you and have a great day,Thierry.Ps :english  isn't my first language so pardon me if i write pretty bad

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Hi Thierry,


unfortunately every jetway is different at LSZH and it would take several days to model every animation. Therefore we decided to only select specific jetways (at least 1 at every terminal).




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Hello Marten,

Thank you for your answer.

What do you means each jetway is different? Is this a question of decoration on the jetway?

Thank you and have a good evening,


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No it's about the distance between the gate and the docking point of the parking position. If the distance between the yellow line and the gate would be the same everywhere that would be no problem. But in our case you would have to reanimate every jetway to the exact distance and as X-Plane does not support bone animations (yet) that would be a hell of a work ;)

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