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Weineis Patrick

FF A320

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Hello everybody

Having some trobles with updating my Flightfactor A320 (X-Plane11 sorry we don't have a forum for Navdatapro)


1. the database name of the FFA320 isn't called Nav.db, it is called NAV1.db and NAV2.db

2. the mainfolder istn't called "FlightFactorA320", it is called "FlightFactorA320 Ultimate"


The Arrivals (STARS) for LOWI didn't Working, there is a missing waypoint (RTT)


Wie ihr seht geht es von TULSI nicht direct RTT, sondern ist nur der kurs 210 nach RTT eingezeichnet.


by another Arrival, I temporary put RTT as Direct in the Flightplan, that you could see that RTT isn't in the Flightplan



hope for a fast solution


Weineis Patrick

P.S.: the Problem didn't exist in Navigraph, so the problem should be at your database



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