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NavDataPro with FF A320 Ultimate (NEW NDP/Oct. 5. 2018)

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EDIT: Oct. 5 - 2018:

For the actual NavDataPro v1.0.6.6 or higher:

Please read next post!!





With our previous NavDataPro v1.0.6.5 you can update the used AIRAC cycle of the new A320 Ultimate with a few simple, manual actions.

If you have e.g. the current AIRAC 1810:


Start NavDataPro (the A320 and best of all X-Plane 11 may not be started):

Then select the FlightFactor 320 in the X-Plane 11 section.

As path there specify the path to the installed A320 Ultimate.

For example: <your x-plane 11 folder> / Aircraft / FlightFactor A320 Ultimate

Then update with NavDataPro (Update).

Then a new folder "FlightFactorA320" will be created in the installed FlightFactor A320 Ultimate folder.

Inside is a "data" folder.

There are 2 files in it:



Please copy the file nav1.db into the "data" directory of the installed FlightFactor A320 Ultimate folder.

There are already 2 files called "nav1.db and nav2.db. So please make a backup from the original nav1.db before.


But we will certainly adapt and simplify this if the version of the A320 Ultimate is more advanced.


Greetings Heinz

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With our NavDataPro v or higher the nav1.db for the Flightfactor A320 Ultimate will be automatically updated in the correct data folder.

So there is nothing to do like described in the previous post (above).

You only have to select the FlightFactor A320 Ultimate with NavDatapro and set the correct path to the installed A320.


If you want to have a backup from the old nav1.db you shall make the backup byself before you update with NavDataPro.


Greets Heinz

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