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NavDataPro transition database for FSC


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Dear support team,


I've been using FSC and NavDataPro for many years and, as the latest FSC 10 (for FSX) came out with the Navigraph Airac 1801, I had a chance to compare both.


I noticed that with NavDataPro most airports in FSC are showing only one transition where Navigraph - and the official IAC's - show all possible transitions to the short final. For example, Cagliari LIEE ILS32. Navigraph shows all available ILS32.W EPIDA, ILS32.X CAG1 (2,3,and 4), ILS32.Y  CAL1 (and 2) and ILS32.Z CAR while NavDataPro only offer "ILS32 EPIDA". And this repeats at many (most) airports.


Of course and fortunately, all those options are present in the NavDataPro FMS database for aircrafts. This limitations only affects FSC (on my system at least).


Is there any reason for it? Would be great if we could have all available options when it comes to planning one's flight with FSC.


I have to say that I'll keep using NavDataPro because its database packages match actual European airports data WAY better than Navigraph's do (i'm using official, up to date AIP's and charts from Eurocontrol).


Thanks and regards,




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