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FSUIPC 4 & 5 problem

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This is what's happening.... FSC9.7 needs FSUIPC5,   it won't work with FSUIPC4 (It Won't connect)
Prepar3DV4.2 needs FSUIPC4,   it won't work with FSUIPC5 ( I bogs right down almost freeze)

So Aerosoft, and Lockheed Martin and Pete Dawson need to work this out I think, unless someone on here has a solution. I always run FSC with my flightsim so I'm kind of stuck on this one. I have to choose between Prepar3dv4.2 or Flight sim commander 9.7 Can't use them at the same time as one needs FSUIPC4 and the other one FSUIPC5. 

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Heres a log file that may help and FSC9.7 info is 




FSC 9.7   (Not being used in a network)

FSC 9.7 Build 26. July 2017  Navigraph  AIRAC-1011 Rev 1  OCT 21 – Nov 17/10

Aerosoft FSC9 (Download Version)

Operating System Window 10

3 Monitors being used


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the installation of the FlightSim Commander was done on the desktop.

(based on fsc_info.log "C:\Users\Walt\Desktop").

3/3/2018 7:12:14 AM - ERROR - FS Commander file and folder structure incomplete!
3/3/2018 7:12:14 AM - ERROR - Integrity failed


This is absolutely wrong!

Please read the attached PDF document and follow the installation recommendations.
This applies in particular to the execution "run as administrator".

As described in the previous post, the correct version of FSUIPC5 is important.






Vista and Windows 7_8.x_10 users please read.pdf

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Volker, "Thank You for your help and response"      I'm an old man too! (Wink) I will try to do install over the right way. Again a sincere thank you. 

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