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Error: Soria LEGY

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Good day from Spain.
When i load the scenery and start the flight on default ramp with helicopter, it collide with a invisible object. Result, accident and reinit flight.
If i overfly the same zone to park, i collide with invisible object. Result, accident and reinit flight.
Some object/s of the scenery has a problem.
Thanks so much and i wait the solution.

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After my own investigation, the problem is "heliport1.obj" object, all poligons in the object are "hard" and cause the mentioned collision.

Only the helipad must be a "hard deck".

Changing these parameters, the FPS go up a lot and i get best performance (20 fps plus).

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Respect to the issue with the shadow of "Saratoga.obj", only editing the obj with a notepad and adding the line "TEXTURE_DRAPED SARATOGASP_GARRAY.png" bellow the "TEXTURE SARATOGASP_GARRAY.png" line, the problem is resolved

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I have been adding the text "TEXTURE_DRAPED SARATOGASP_GARRAY.png" but my aircraft still crash on the ground.

There has to be another solution to this problem. Any suggestions?

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LEGY is a scenery developed for X-Plane 10 (see our Aerosoft shop, bottom of the page)


It shall work with some small problems with X-Plane 11 but we cannot give a guarantee for that.


I have test the Addon Soria Garray LEGY here with X-Plane 11.30r1.

I cannot recreate the crash here...


May be there is another problem. Custom Scenery Addons? scenery_packs.ini....


Greets Heinz

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