FF767-300ER FMC with DEP/ARR trouble

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I bought FF767-300ER and installed it as follow: ...X-Plane11/Aircraft/FlightFactor/Boeing 767-300ER and it's there.

I mapped my Navigraph do intall at .../X-Plane11/CustomData

I mapped my PFPX to Airbus Extended as instructed.

1) the Airac cycle is correct (1713) as show in my FMC

2) I got my saved flightplan, write both Departure & Arrival then write the saved flightplan and activate it. Everything is shown.

3) BUT when I try to go to DEP/ARR button nothing happens, no rwy or departure procedure is shown.

Since there as instructions at X-Plane 11 forum about where to send Navigraph's or NavPro's Airac data .../CustomData which I did, how can't I get DEP/ARR?


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Sorry. Just discovered the problem.

FF767-300ER was made to work in v10, so it didn't "see" DEP/ARR in v11

It was corrected by creating a path (already written in this forum) .../X-Plane11/CustomData/GNS430/navdata/Proc

Would like to edit my post but it timedout for this so I'm answering it myself


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