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Joystick X Axis (Ailerons) not working

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Hi folks,

I'm using P3D V2 on windows 8 laptop.

I have a problem with calibrating the joystick (I followed the instructions on "Thrust lever setup" but the issue is persistent)

Apparently, I;m not having any problems in regards to the game but the controllers. 

The Aileron axis has been assigned to the X axis of the Joystick. The elevator and the throttle to the Y & Z axis respectively. 

The joystick works properly when I'm playing F-22 though. It only creates issues when I'm using A320 but I can clearly see them working properly in the ECAM (As per the screenshots)







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I would see if there is anything else assigned to this axis which may be interfering (Another axis from a different controller, a key press etc...) after this try to increase the null zone. Can you post a short video outlining this issue so we can see what is happening?


Many thanks

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