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Oculus Dash BETA Released.


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The latest release has just hit PTC — here’s what you can expect. The updates for this month center on the new Rift Core 2.0 beta! In addition to the usual channels, we're introducing UserVoice as a way to organize feedback and suggestions (visit the Oculus blog to learn more). Don't forget you can log bugs right from the reporting tool in Rift. Thanks for testing! https://forums.oculusvr.com/community/discussion/59825/rift-si-1-21-now-available-on-public-test-channel


  • Wishlists: You can now add apps you'd like to purchase or download later to your wishlist in the Oculus Store. You can choose to see updates about sales and other promotions for apps on your wishlist.
  • Rift Core 2.0 (Beta):
  • The core software experience in Rift has been rebuilt, replacing the existing Universal Menu and Home with a new Touch-native interface.
  • Note, core functionality of Rift Core 2.0 should work fine with Windows 7 and 8.1, but some features, like Oculus Desktop virtual computing and Dash as an overlay may require you to have Windows 10, update your graphics card drivers, or make other system adjustments to use all of the features of Rift Core 2.0 as intended. For more information, see https://support.oculus.com/1702745539746285 and https://support.oculus.com/551671135186908, as well as https://www.oculus.com/blog/rift-core-20-updates-beta-coming-soon-plus-redesigned-desktop-app-experience/ and https://www.oculus.com/blog/introducing-rift-core/.
  • Dash:
  • Dash is a redesign of our VR system interface from the ground up that opens up new possibilities for VR and immersive computing.
  • An overlay system lets you use all the features of Dash without leaving your current app.
  • Bring your Windows desktop apps into VR so you can listen to your favorite music, watch a show, or create something in VR based on a pinned photograph, all without removing your headset.
  • Oculus Home:
  • Completely overhauls your personal space in VR to let you customize your environment, share it with your friends, or visit their space.
  • Collect interactive objects you and your friends can play with in VR, such as bows and arrows, targets, and stackable objects.
  • Use decorations and furniture to make your Home uniquely your own.
  • Show off your accomplishments in VR with achievement elements.
  • Oculus desktop app:
  • Redesigned user interface provides improved top-level navigation and a dark theme to make things easier on your eyes.
  • A brand new landing page includes:
  • more engaging app previews
  • clearer announcements for new features and updates
  • faster access to your recent VR apps
  • more social features, including seeing which multiplayer and social apps your friends are playing, as well as ways to connect with people you may know or have met in VR
  • Graphics: We'll now let you know the graphics card driver version you'll need for the latest update. See https://support.oculus.com/1702745539746285/ for details.


Fixed graphics issues related to recent Nvidia driver updates.

Required GPU drivers:

AMD: 17.11.2

NVIDIA: 388.31

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