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Strobe light switch switching off

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Firstly I have to say I love flying the Aerosoft Airbus (I have both packages). Since I finally worked out the various FSX tweaks and system alterations, I get constant a 30 FPS (locked) and flights are as smooth as a babies *** (you know what I mean!!).


There are however 2 small irritations which do not affect the flying but I wish I could find an answer to as follows:


1) During flights, the STROBE light switches off intermittently. Whether on AUTO or just ON, it just decides to turn off now and again on every flight.

2) The PARKING BRAKE releases sometimes when I change view. I always jump in and out of the aircraft to view the services (I use both AES and GSX). For some reason when I go back to cockpit view, the brake is not set again.


I use the Saitek Multi Panel and Switch Panel through SPAD, but it makes no difference with the Strobe Light if I do it through the panel or manually with the mouse.


Any idea's?



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