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PFPX and Multiple FS

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I saw where PFPX only has one entry for P3D, and saw in the forums as well. My question: is it possible to install PFPX (multiple installs) and have it point to each AS weather folder? I currently have FS9/FSX/FSX:SE/P3Dv3 and v4 along with XPlane 9/10/11. I have done this as there are aircraft that I like to fly that haven't made it to the next platform. By multiple installs, I mean install it normally for FSX/FSX:SE, then install it again for P3Dv3 and again for v4. Making 3 seperate installs as each Active Sky program has it's own weather folder with the weather files PFPX needs. Would this be possible or even feasible with the activation's limit on the software?  

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