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  1. Ok Mathis, I have seen the future (video), and my CC is having separation anxiety from you guys. Glad to see the amazing improvements over the 32 bit versions. So............... Will you offer gift wrapping for the first order that crashes the store's servers?
  2. I saw where PFPX only has one entry for P3D, and saw in the forums as well. My question: is it possible to install PFPX (multiple installs) and have it point to each AS weather folder? I currently have FS9/FSX/FSX:SE/P3Dv3 and v4 along with XPlane 9/10/11. I have done this as there are aircraft that I like to fly that haven't made it to the next platform. By multiple installs, I mean install it normally for FSX/FSX:SE, then install it again for P3Dv3 and again for v4. Making 3 seperate installs as each Active Sky program has it's own weather folder with the weather files PFPX needs. Would this be possible or even feasible with the activation's limit on the software?
  3. FSTramp has a moving map that follows your aircraft. Also, has everything you need to find ILS and COMM freq on map as well. Even has ILS intercept points. Shows all aircraft in the air, not just around yours. When AI taxi out to rwy, they are marked on map. It used to be a pay once pgm. Now it's a subscription thing from the devs (1 yr ($38.50 USD) -4 yr ($102.50 USD) license depending on your flavor). Dunno if this is what you were talking about, but this is the closest I have found to a ground radar.
  4. Outstanding! Ok, since nobody asked (maybe it's too new of a topic) but........................release date yet? Nice to see some props instead of just jets being added. Looks like it's moving along really well, nice work guys!
  5. I am curious about the A320 Freighter program (P2F) that Airbus currently has going. Will the freighter version make it's way into the A320/321 currently offered by Aerosoft, if so will it be an update to the software or an add-on? http://www.airbus.com/presscentre/pressreleases/press-release-detail/detail/efw-st-aerospace-and-airbus-to-launch-a320a321p2f-freighter-conversion-programme/
  6. Gotta luv the negative feedback on sarcastic comments. lol
  7. ok Going on what, 6-7 years now? When this releases will the trees bend and leaves rustle if I fly to close to em?
  8. Discounts, discounts, discounts.......... While we're at it can we throw in the A330 hard copy manuals with Airbus binders for free? I'm happy Aerosoft has kept their products under $100.
  9. Stefan, excellent pics!!! I am curious tho........if you have any issues with the engines, will you be able to see smoke coming out of the air vents? Or should I set up my smoke maker for those in flight failures?
  10. Our policy at RCJ Airways is very simple. If you are caught sharing payware software amongst our members, you will be terminated and everything will be handed over the the proper authorities. No questions asked, it's a plain and simple policy. Those who disagree find themselves looking for another VA.
  11. http://www.aerosoft4.com/downloads/AS_MITCHELL-WING-U2_V101.exe The link for the rest of the world shows ERROR 404. But the Europe link works great. Hope to try this out today, after I finish planning more VA routes. Mighht put this in as a perk of being the CEO
  12. LOL, my only problem now is to figure out this Fatal Error in FSX. Once I have that figured out, I'll be happy until the new FS comes out.
  13. Well they could follow the FSPassengers ratings. You start in a Cessna and work your way up in the sim. Once you have reached enough flight time you can switch to another aircraft (after your company buys it).
  14. LOL, one more thing. Could you put some flashing amber lights on the airport service trucks? I can't tell you how many times I almost run over an airport fuel truck because I was watching other aircraft around the terminals. Any maybe add some of the new transportation laws from the US. If something like a security breach happens at an airport and your taxiing to the terminal, ur told to hold until further notice.
  15. Also, don't know if this is the right post for this, but when declaring an emergency using FSPassengers, has no consequence in FSX. You change the transponder to the emergency frequency and FSX cancels your flight. Be nice if you set the emerg freq and a controller contacts you and asks what's up. Also be nice to see emergency equipment waiting for you at your destination or alt landing point when you arrive after declaring an emergency. Be kinda interesting to watch the landing from the view of the firetrucks! Just a thought I'd throw into the mix.
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