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Hi, Multiple instance of Simstarter ng (pc/vm)


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Tried to find out if I can run/install Simstarter ng on both my current FlightSim(P3Dv3/v4) computer called "pc01"and

also on an "test" vm (virtual machine) called "vm01" running FSX Steam ?



To info

- I use my "test" pc "vm01" to test/educate myself on new complex software before I import/install it

   to my current FlightSim computer "pc01".


- I see from the manual the simstarter-ng key is kind of bounded to "local computer fingerprint/computer name".


- I hope it’s not necessary to buy two Simstarter ng keys.


- Will be very nice to be able to use the simstarter NG on two "instance" since it seems to be a VERY powerful tool,

but properly also able to mess up you current p3d installations. (and in worse case may need an p3dv4 reinstall!).




Please advise,





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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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