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Oslo ENGM manual configuration for MAC and Linux

Heinz Flichtbeil

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with Oslo ENGM there are Tools for the configuration of OSLO (service vehicles and Mesh). X-Plane 11 only.

But this Tools are only working with Windows.


Here a manual description for MAC and Linux (from the developer):


X-Plane 11 must not running if you do this instructions.


Inside the "Oslo - Mesh Tool" folder there's another folder named TerrainMesh. 

When Default mesh is selected the .dsf file inside "DEFAULT" is copied to: 

"...\Custom Scenery\zzz_Aerosoft - ENGM Gardermoen - Mesh\Earth nav data\+60+010"

and the obj's located inside "\Oslo - Mesh Tool\TerrainMesh\DEFAULT_objs" is copied to: 

"...\Custom Scenery\Aerosoft - ENGM Gardermoen\objects\Assets"

When the HD mesh is selected the files are copied to the same folders but from the HD and HD_objs folders.

The service vehicles work in the same way, if you go to "...\Custom Scenery\Aerosoft - ENGM Gardermoen\Oslo - Service Vehicles Tool\ServiceVehicles"
You'll see two folders, Libraries and Textures. The files inside the Libraries folder is the one that controls if you want custom or xp-11 default service vehicles at the airport.

If you want to have default service vehicles instead of the ones supplied with the scenery copy the library.txt file found here:
"...\Custom Scenery\Aerosoft - ENGM Gardermoen\Oslo - Service Vehicles Tool\ServiceVehicles\Libraries\Default" 


"...\Custom Scenery\Aerosoft - ENGM Gardermoen" and replace the library.txt file that's already there.

If they want to change the textures for the custom service vehicles they would have to copy the .dds files from the "Marked" or "Unmarked" folders into:

"...\Custom Scenery\Aerosoft - ENGM Gardermoen\objects\Assets"


Greets Heinz


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