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CR200 & X-plane 11 Low latency

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I recently install the new update of CRJ200 on my new X-plane 11 and I have a strange phenomena: High latency on joystick reaction.


I push the joystick (throttles) and the reaction delay is about 4 to 8 seconds ! Same phenomena with the screen latency using same amount of delay (altimeter setting, flaps settings, heading settings ...) ...


I do not know where to search. 


At every Run, I saw the Server who try to connect showing every time a little window (I never seen it every time before). It occurs that sometime the server cannot connect and crash Xplane 11.


Thanks for giving me some tips.  Of course I check before on X-plane 11 that joystick are calibrated and works well on another aircraft before !

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I assume you're using the XP 11 compatible version of the plane and that you don't have this high latency with other complex airliners?


When you're on ground, and all systems are switched off, can you move the yoke and is the latency still there?


What happens with the latency when you stop the server (all avionics will fail)?


Also can you please show me a screenshot where I can see the FPS you get during flight in the CRJ?


And I need a log.txt, of course.


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