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H36 Dimona X works fine in P3D V3


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Hello everyone,


although not officially supported, the 'H36 Dimona X' package works fine in my new Prepar3D V3.

However there have been some issues during installation which I want to describe here:


1) Airplane installer needs 'fsx.exe'
The first obstacle to be overcome, but this is quite easy: Just copy 'Prepar3D.exe' in the root folder of your P3D installation and name it 'FSX.exe'. Restart the installer, it should finish without further errors.


2) Troubles with parking brakes on
After installation I started P3D and hopefully loaded the new vehicle. Everything seemed to be fine, but my first attempt to roll on failed. Although applying full throttle the plane hardly started moving.
To this I found a solution provided by User Stubenflieger in thread  103564, where he describes how to change the [brakes] section in the Aircraft.cfg file. This solved the issue for me:


parking_brake = 1                  //Parking brake available
toe_brakes_scale = 1               //Brake scalar
differential_braking_scale = 1.0   //Delta on the amount of brake when the rudder pedals deflected



3) Special sounds missing
Within H36 Dimona Aerosoft's ASC module for special sound effects is used. This didn't work at startup. After a lot of searching in miscellaneous forums I felt that this could be an issue with Microsoft 'SimConnect'. So I downloaded the files (for example via  http://www.fspassengers.com/?action=simconnect) and installed them, which solved the issue.


At the end everything is fine, now I'm ready for having fun on rainy days when 'real' flying is not possible :)


Kind regards




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