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TS 2015/ 2017 How To Install Add-On U-Bahn Frankfurt

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vielleicht sehe ich ja den Wald or lauter Bäumen nicht: Ich habe mir TS 2015 plus das Add-On U-Bahn Frankfurt gekauft. TS 2015 installiert, Steam Account erstellt, dann hat sich das Programm auf TS 2017 upgedated. Nun lege ich die Add-On CD U-Bahn Frankfurt ein und nichts passiert, ich kann auch nicht auf men DVD Laufwerk zugreifen, um evtl. die Installation manuell zu starten. Im TS selber sehe ich keine Möglichkeit das U-Bahn Frankfurt Add-On zu adden :o. Gibt es da einen Trick, den ich noch nicht gefunden habe :o

Hab Windows 2010...


Gruss, Tim



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Hi again,


Due to missing answers, I maybe address my issue once again in english. I bought TS 2015 and the Add-On Underground Train Frankfurt. I have installed TS 2015 and created my Steam account, then the TS 2015 got updated to TS 2017. Afterwards I inserted Add-On DVD for the Underground Train Frankfurt into the DVD drive but nothing happened. I would have expected that the install for this Add-On starts or at least a popup comes up what to with this DVD (browse it or start setup.exe). Also when I click onto the DVD drive to browse the content and find the installer, the DVD drive opens and asks me to insert the data medium even it was already in the drive. In the main program TS 2017 I do not see any option to import the Add-On for Underground Train Frankfurt :( Is there any hint to get the Add-On installed :o Im running a Windows 10 Pro laptop with i5-2467M CPU @ 1,6 GHz with 4 GB RAM. I find it unusual that, if i click on the DVD drive, it asked me to insert the data medium :o


Thx in Advance, Dierk.

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