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21:9 Widescreen Format Monitor with AS Airbus


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I just replaced my failing 22" 720p 16:9 monitor  with the new LG ultrawidescreen 21:9 monitor and I want to say the immersion improvement is astounding.  When i used to fly AS Airbus, I would constantly go through the upper menu view shortcuts to adjust the autopilot, check position/adjust flaps and throttles as well as accessing the MCDU.  With the 21:9 format, the larger/fuller view out the windshield and of the Airbus Instrument Panel is far more realistic.  It feels like I am really sitting in the flight deck.  Also, a quick dip of the head allows me to scan the entire pedestal as well as make quick entries of MCDU.  So, if you are considering a 21:9 but aren't sure, go for it.  P3D 3.XX fully supports the format and the Aerosoft Airbus is amazing.  I can't wait to see what Aersoft's A330 will look on my monitor.        

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