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Propeller Pitch Drop Out

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Hi - I just thought I would run this past the Gurus before approaching 'Support'. (This is related to my 110 kts post a few days ago - I have not seen anything similar on the forum).


I find that the calibration of the propeller pitch 'drops out' from time to time requiring it to be reset in FSUIPC  - if this is not done it is not possible to fly at speeds higher than about 110kts.


It seems to happen in some autopilot settings (I haven't pin pointed which settings as of yet) and even after the autopilot is switched off - the pitch does not return to its 'normal' setting.  That can't be right.


And sometimes the pitch seems to trip for no obvious reason at all - the screen 'jumps' and the speed drops to about 110 kts.  As I said, the only way to return to normal performance is to jump into FSUIPC and reset the pitch calibration.


Does anyone have any thoughts?  (FSX SE by the way and Saitek yolk and pedals)





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