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  1. Thanks for the encouragment Eduard. I quick look around P3D based websites suggests that my Gen X scenery and tress of the UK might work on P3D. If that is the case, maybe life is not so bleak after all.
  2. That's a pity - with all my investment in FSX scenery add-ons and such, I can't see me converting to P3D.
  3. Count me in - my debit card is on stand-by for a full price product (providing you update the FSX version).
  4. I think that Pierre is correct - on FSX too she 'spawns' with all systems go and quickly shuts down to cold and dark. I was of the view that the brakes were effective but perhaps I am wrong.
  5. And, assuming that you can find the people, please update it for FSX as well - rather than only P3D. Mike
  6. I do not think it is essential to go through the check list. From memory - as a rule I simply jump in, switch on the batteries, set up the navigation, lights and such - switch on the fuel and start the engines. I can be flying in about 5 minutes. (I usually forget to set the pitch which causes me interesting problems - but hey ho). This is more satisfying that having her 'running' from 'game start' - and it is not too time consuming. Mike
  7. Thanks Mathijs. I should have guessed!!
  8. Having tried reinstalling my sound card drivers and performing other assorted tinkering I now to need to seek the wisdom of others: Prior to engine start I get perfect surround sound out of all 7 speakers - background noise, cooling fans; door noises and such are all delivered in surround sound. Upon engine start the sound defaults to a simple stereo format (right and left front speakers only) . Is this just me or does this affect others? Does anyone know of a fix?
  9. Hi Mathijs Here is my two euros worth: I would willingly pay full price again for a fully upgraded model with improved engine modelling (perhaps like the Q 400 / Dash 8 - which I know is expensive to develop), I would be dispointed to see any departure from the traditional instrumentation, and navigation (which I think may have been suggested by others) or automatic prefilght checks. Keep it authentic. I would prefer not to have the manual appear on 'Shift 3' when I need to change views LIke Bushio - I do not fly via Network - our internet speeds are not up to the job. All the best Mike
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