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saving flight plan in PFPX

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I have just completed my first flt plan and am trying to save it , i have tried sending a screen pic but it failed . i am wondering if my fsx folder path and my documents folder paths are correct in PFPX,

my fsx path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X

My documents folder is C:\Users\user\Documents\Aerosoft\AerosoftAirbusExtended " it says cant write to file C:\users\user\documents\Aerosoft\AerosoftAirbusExtended

i am using aerosft airbus bundle a319 /a320

on the add ons i have ticked  "Airbus extended " is that correct or should it be something else .

hope someone can help thanks

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Thanks Tom , i have modified my documents folder as you advised, but i made a flight plan on PFPX EGKK-EGCC.

everything went ok and when i clicked on export , it said it had been saved ok .

but when in the aircraft a319  on the left MCDU i typed in departure EGKK/EGCC then clicked top right on MCDU and on the next page it has EGKK/EGCC on the top and none comes up on left , hope you can help thanks

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Hi Tom , This is how my export screen looks


route  EGKKEGCC01


FS2004 Folder            "blank"

Fsx Folder   C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Prepar3d Folder         "blank"

XPlane Folder            "blank"

Documents Folder     C:\User\Documents\aerosoft\airbus\flightplans


Add ons


Airbus Extended               C:\Users\user\Documents\Flight Simulator Files


no other add on boxs ticked

I tried the settings you suggested but when filling in   Prepar3d Folder         i got this message "cant write the file "  without the prepar3d folder filled in it saves the flight ok , I just cant find it in  the aircraft MCDU

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Hi I have now got PFPX to save my flight plan , when saved where can i find the plan ? where does PFPX save it too ?

Please help as i am keen to move on with PFPX and my flight planning . if I know wherer to look for the Flight plan i can check if it is sending it to the right folder . would be grateful for any help thank you

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

You find all answers in my screenshot actually. I haven't answered to you first answer to it, as you hadn't configured your PFPX as I told you. Please just do so and it will work. 

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