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ATC Add ons


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Not really sure where I should put this but here goes.


I'm getting more and more comfortable flying the Bus, and I'd eventually like to take it out on VATSIM. But I have one problem. I've never flown it using ATC, pretty much because the standard ATC in FSX is rubbish, and it doesn't use SIDS/STARS and many other real world features. I was wondering what are peoples opinions on ATC add ons. There are a few different options, but I'm looking for one that is fairly realistic. Basically, I'm looking for a bit of practice before venturing into VATSIM with absolutely no experience. I know people will say to just go on VATSIM when it's quiet, but I'd still like to be even a little bit prepared. (Also I don't have a headset yet, and I know my missus is going to think I'm a complete weirdo talking to a computer :lol: ).


So yeah, what do recommend I should go for?

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Hmmm, I tried PF3 but it only gives a 15 minute demo. I was hoping for something that makes use of SIDs and STARS etc and also takes AI traffic into the equation. I wasn't able to test it out as I didn't have enough time.

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Try Before You Buy

Yes that's right, OnCourse Software are pleased to offer a DEMO version of PF3 to give you a taste of what you're missing!

The free downloadable DEMO version of PF3 is fully functional, with only a few limitations, and should allow you to evaluate the program to see if it suits your particular needs. Please feel free to ask any questions you might have on our dedicated support forum.

Trial Limitations

The DEMO version of PF3 comes with just 4 voice sets plus 1 ATIS set (the full version has 119 voice sets plus 4 ATIS voices). These are pre-set in the DEMO and unchangeable. One will be set to your Pilot's voice, one will be used for ALL AI aircraft pilots, and the remaining two for controllers... the two controller sets will alternate each time you switch ATC facilities.

Flight plans will be limited to a maximum journey distance of 200 miles   

The DEMO version of PF3 will pause and place FS into Pause mode every 15 minutes. To continue with your flight you will have to 'OK' the displayed PF3 message.

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