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harm meertens

DHC-6 tail in the ground on taxi while online

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In december 2011 the following problem was posted on this forum by someone else

"I fly online with my trusty DHC-6. Love the plane, both the model and in reality.

But when I'm online, other pilots see the DHC-6 with it's tail firmly embedded in the runway/taxiway and it's nose high in the air. A very embarrassing way to taxi.

It doesn't matter if I'm on Vatsim, or a private server, connected via FSInn/FSCopilot or FSHost. Always the same result.

I see my plane sitting properly on the ground but everybody else see the plane as I've outlined above".

and as an additional experience:

"Yes...three of us have the Aerosoft DHC-6 and we each see the other with the tail in the tarmac and the nose in the air.

We see our own aircraft sitting straight and level ".

No answer or solution has been presented as far as I am aware of and after a while the topic was closed to further replies.

I have now exactly the same problem and again iI would like to raise the above question.

Hopefully someone can help me to solve the problem.


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