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Question Volcano's ???

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Question about Volcano Scenery ?

I was wondering if there are any Sceneries out there that cover the worlds Volcano's ?? 

Now, I'm NOT looking for just 1 or 2 scenery files of Volcano's to Ewww and Ahh over , I'm seeking scenery of the "Majority" of the Worlds Volcano's to Tour / Fly around.

I've seen a few individual scenery files of supposed Volcano's, or what was supposed to be a Volcano, but upon closer inspection looked like a clump of doo doo .

I was hopeing by now that maybe there was a scenery developer who'd put together an array of Volcano's to Fly Tour around.

Think I seen some airport that's available with 1 volcano in the back ground for scenery, but that's not what I'm seeking either, I don't wanna buy an Airport for 1 silly Volcano.

I just want Volcano's and a lotta of em !

Heres sum Maps of them around the World.






World Map Volcanos.jpg

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The problem with vulcanos is that usually there's not much to see about them. They're just mountains, part of the landscape. Of course, eruptions made that landscape look the way it does but by far most of the time vulcanos are asleep meaning there are no eruptions taking place. There's nothing special, nothing to be seen.

I suggest you get yourself some global mesh and landclass add-on and you got all the vulcanos in the world and more. Of course they look like 'a clump of doo doo' as you said, but that's all there is to be made of it. You won't see eruptions, you won't see lava streams, you won't see a pile of vulcanic ash smoke coming from it. Why not? Because most of the time you won't see that on a real vulcano either.

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