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Aerosoft-Airbus A318-A319 V1.31

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The update can be found, for download shop customer in there shop account. For Box customer at support.aerosoft.com

1.31 Cleanup and P3D v3 compatibility

                               * ND VOR1 Flickering because of PFD Fixed

                               * VSpeed knob animation wrong, fixed.
                               * Texture missing in my VC of the A321 both IAE and CFM version, fixed.

                               * Error in aircraft.cfg of the A321IAE. In section [FLTSIM.4] in the line "texture" it should read "Qatar_A7NEO" and not "Qatar_A7Sharklet"
                               * Cockpit Voice Recorder GND CTL switch remains on, fixed.
                               * Center panel Chrono only works after second mouse click, fixed.
                               * Added Avatar (only for P3D V3 users!!)
                               * Hydraulic actuator issue fixed.
                               * Windows 10 font issue fixed.

                               MCDU2/ CHECKLIST ETC:
                               * Ground Volume raised.
                               * BARO REF if CRZ LVL is below TRANS ALT issue fixed
                               * APPROACH CHECKLIST – LOC APPROACH issue fixed.
                               * MCDU2 – LOAD FUEL MENU - Trim setting values from Load- and Fuelplanner added (new feature).
                               * MCDU2 – LOAD FUEL MENU – Modified pax weight saved (new feature).
                               * Manually setting of PITCH TRIM values using trim wheel and ECAM FCTL (fixed)
                               [note: flight saves from older versions can not be used in 1.31]

                               SAVE AND LOAD FLIGHT FUNCTION:
                               * PAX Weight on Load Fuel Setup now remembered.

                               * Vol 1 and Vol 6 adapted to changes

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