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Tow plane in P3D


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Guest JC Uehara

Running Prepar3d V2.5, Cumulus X (registered) and Win 8.1 x64.

As I fly in Brazil I only fly thermals.

And I'm loving it!!

Specially the birds flying the thermal's core.

But No matter what I do  I can not get a tow plane.

I already selected the plane (a Maule 260).

Configured speed and pitch.

I selected the traffic pattern (no matter left or right) and nothing happens... The traffic pattern config menu closes and nothing happens.

I'm already embarrassed that I'm missing something obvious but I really need somebody to point what it is.




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Yes this is it!!

This is the point I feel embarrassed for making a stupid mistake...

I thought the config of traffic pattern was an already tow request routine... Did Ctrl-Shift-Y (actually I assigned the Tow Request and Tow release to butons in my thorttle) and ... WORKED!!

Thanks a lot  for the tip!!

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Great to hear you all got it working, and Thanks Peter for dropping in!  I'll have to see once how much time I'm going to give to FS2004/FSX in the future, and that will dictate whether or not I make the move towards getting a registered version of CumulusX!.  I do feel I'm missing out on some excellent features.  Well, I don't want to hijack this thread, so I may open a new one regarding the future of SOAR after I hear back from Don & Karen.


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